Making the Most of Minimal

In the recent royal wedding, Meghan Markle, The Duchess of Sussex, showcased not one, but TWO, on-trend minimal wedding gowns. And wasn’t she stunning!

The mantra “less is more” certainly applies to current bridal fashion trends. Minimal gowns fill bridal runways across nations and it’s easy to see the appeal. With soft fabrics and light details, the bride is sure to shine in a minimalist gown.


Now it’s your turn to feel like royalty! Come try on these favorite minimalist styles in our shop today:


Allure style M595, Fantasy Bridal store number 130139.



Rebecca Ingram style Ada, Fantasy Bridal store number 130086.


Barcli Front

Ida Torez style Barcli, Fantasy Bridal store number 128241.



Sincerity style 4031, Fantasy Bridal store number 130045.



Sweetheart Bridal style 1133, Fantasy Bridal store number 130052.



Maggie Sottero style Odette Marie, Fantasy Bridal store number 130061.



Morilee style 6883, Fantasy Bridal store number 130166.



Maggie Sottero style Cora, Fantasy Bridal store number 129007.



Willowby by Watters style 50300, Fantasy Bridal store number 130172.


Book your appointment with Fantasy Bridal today to find the minimal dress of your dreams!


“Scenes from the Fitting Room and Beyond”

You Want to Show Me What?

(All names have been changed, even if remembered, as this scene happened about 11 years ago.)

Mothers of the bride come in all shapes and forms. One of the most memorable mother’s of the bride was a woman named Mrs. E. Mrs. E was quite the character. She had spiky gray hair, a short stocky build, and an effervescent personality. She would come in to make payments on her daughter’s dress and flip out an accordion wallet full of credit cards. Invariably, the card she chose would decline. Mrs. E would then spend the next 10-15 minutes on her cell phone paying down one credit card with another so she could make a $50 payment. Mrs. E also requested that we track each payment so she could determine what she was paying on the account as well as what her ex-husband was paying. A lot of the payments were by check or cash, and at that time our computer system and credit card payments did not interface, so there was no way for us to know how much was paid by whom. She was disappointed that we could not track this for her. On her daughter’s fitting day, Mrs. E came up to the front counter and said to Annette, “Let me show you something,” while reaching into her shirt. Annette had a flash of surprise and concern all at once! Mrs. E requested a tissue as she reached into her bra. Annette was visualizing the worst: she was frightened that Mrs. E would be flinging her breast out on the front counter. Instead, Mrs. E proceeded to bring a sugar glider out of her bra. The sugar glider was angry at having been disturbed from its nap, and promptly urinated on the counter, hence the need for the tissue. Annette then noticed that Mrs. E’s shirt was far from clean, so she asked, “What happens when he needs to go potty?” Mrs. E replied, “He just goes.” I’m sure the look on Annette’s face must have been priceless. Apparently, not only one sugar glider but two lived in the woman’s bra during daylight hours. Mrs. E then explained that the sugar gliders are nocturnal, and had free reign in her spare bedroom at home at night. She also explained that the male sugar glider had bonded to her, and also urinated when he saw her husband. Mrs. E placed the sugar glider back into her bra. Movement could be seen beneath her shirt, circling inside her bra as the creature settled in for the rest of its nap. Small bulges were now apparent beneath her armpits that hadn’t been noticed in passing. Sugar gliders were a fad that year: we had a bride that owned one that brought it to her fitting. At least she carried her sugar glider in a pouch!glider_6

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FAQ: How many people should I bring to my bridal appointment?

I know it’s tempting, but believe me, please believe me, only bring 2-3 guests max with you to your appointment. One of those guests should be a key person like a mom figure and perhaps one other person that may want to share in the experience. Keep in mind, the popular reality TV shows that have multitudes of guests shopping for a bride’s wedding dress are full of drama to get the ratings. Do you really want an excess of drama while picking out the dress of your dreams?

This past weekend, we had a lovely bride and she elected to go against our suggestion of the 2-3 guests. Our shop has a lot of seating, but when we have 5-6 appointments scheduled at the same time, finding seating for more than 15 people becomes a problem. This bride brought 8 people with her. Had these guests been supportive of the bride, it may not have been an issue, other than limited seating. One of the bride’s party had the audacity to tell her that she would look f*t in anything she chose: and she did not mean fit! Okay guests, if you are not coming to support the bride in her choice, please stay home! In our shop, we do not use the F word!

Honesty is the best policy, right? I have to go with my cute Grandmother H. on this one, she used to say “if you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.” There are classy ways with decorum and finesse to tell a bride that her waist looks amazing in one gown over another, or that she has beautiful collar bones showing her gorgeous skin in a gown, or that the gown is showing all of her curves in a perfect way.

Brides, remember, the more guests you bring, the more opinions you have. Do you want your gown to be a committee decision? Or would you rather have the decision based on what you want your special day with your man to look like?

Members of large groups are tempted to pull gowns for you, thinking they know just what you need. Your “helpers” may be bringing silhouettes that have been eliminated, sizes that don’t quite work, their taste in dresses over yours, or gowns out of your price range. Realize that we do know the gown selection, and although we are open to suggestions, our team of able stylists is asking the right questions to narrow down your choices.

I am all for bringing that key person that knows you well and will help you with your decision. Just be sure that this person has a way to be kind to you in the process. We love our jobs as bridal stylists and consultants, but it really becomes difficult if not impossible to be the referee or psychologist when there is tension in the group. The likelihood of us helping you to find the gown and you feeling great in it becomes slim to none.

Copyright© January 2015

– Stacy L. Van Dusen, Business Manager/Owner, Fantasy Bridal

Top 5 Wedding Dresses for a Winter Wonderland Wedding

Winter Wonderland weddings are magic and beautiful – and if you are planning to have one of these, you will definitely want your gown to fit perfectly into the background. Good news is that there are a lot of wedding dresses that go amazingly well with Winter Wonderland weddings. We have gathered the top 5 ones in the following list so make sure to read on.


  • A ¾-sleeved, sheath lace dress. The grace and femininity of lace combined with the beautiful line created by the sheath silhouette can really add a lot to your wedding look. Even more than that, it will be perfect for a winter wonderland wedding!
  • A fit and flare gown with a ruffled organza skirt. Winter Wonderland weddings tend to be a lot about the grace of snow and about the magnificence of winter. This gown’s dress will fit perfectly into the snowy background and it will make you appear like the marvelous Snow Queen of the night.
  • A stunning tulle and lace, ballgown for the princess in you. Ballgowns will always make ladies feel special and if you want your gown to look just as grand as Winter herself, this is precisely the kind of design you should be looking after. Paired with the femininity of lace, this gown can really make you feel gorgeous.


  • A fit and flare sweetheart-neckline dress in ivory. Lace is one of the world’s most beloved wedding gown fabrics and not without reason. Choose a fit and flare gown to make you appear taller and pick it in ivory to add just a bit of at your Winter Wonderland reception.
  • A tulle and lace quarter-length sleeved dress. Pick a quarter-length sleeved dress if you want to add a bit of that “cool weather” feeling to your dress. With tulle, lace and flower appliques and with a beautiful sweetheart neckline, this gown has the ability to bewitch – and even more so when placed in a “winter-y” background.

For the perfect Winter Wonderland wedding dress, come check out with the beautiful options Fantasy Bridal brings forward. We guarantee you’ll love the great style and quality of our fabulous designer wedding dresses!

Add Sparkles To Your Dress For Your New Year’s Eve Wedding

Having a New Year’s Eve wedding is a great idea especially if you want this night to be absolutely special. Although the two celebrations sometimes seem very much different from one another, the truth is that they are much more similar than we even realize – especially when it comes to the fact that they both celebrate new beginnings.


If you want your dress to look stunning for your NYE wedding, don’t forget to add some sparkles to it. There are many ways you can do this, but we have picked up some of the best ones. Read on and find out how to make your dress (and yourself) SHINE for the Big Night!

  • If you want to be fully non-traditional, pick a dress that is entirely made out of sequins. It can be silver, champagne-colored or it can even come in various shades of white as well.
  • Picking a white dress with sparkly details is a great choice for those who want to feel glamorous without losing the “traditional” feeling of a wedding. There are many areas of the dress where sequins and sparkles will look marvelous: around the neckline/décolletage, as a “belt” for the waist, around the rims of the dress, on the veil or even delicately sprinkled on the entire surface of the gown.
  • If you want your gown to be simple, you can always choose sparkly accessories. A pair of glittery silver shoes, a clutch purse with sequins or hair accessories that sparkle can add a lot of glamour and style to your look.

Fantasy Bridal can provide you with a huge range of wedding gowns to choose from. Our dresses come in a large variety of designs and styles to suit any kind of wedding theme and every kind of bride as well – so do not hesitate to pay us a visit before the Big Day.

2014 Christmas Inspired Mermaid Wedding Dresses

Christmas is a wonderful holiday full of warmth and light. We all love it – and this may actually be one of the main reasons so many brides and grooms choose to celebrate their union around this beautiful holiday.

If you are planning a Christmas wedding, you are probably very excited. At the same time though, you are probably quite stressed out over how to choose your wedding gown. Since we love seeing our brides happy, we have picked up some ideas on how to choose a gorgeous mermaid wedding dress for your Big Day. Read on and find out more about these tips.


  • Charmeuse, satin, silk. There is something luxurious, graceful and eternally feminine about these fabrics. Even more than that, they look festive and elegant and this is suitable both for weddings and for Christmas parties. Pick your mermaid gown in this fabric and you’ll feel like a true princess!
  • Yes, mermaid dresses and ruffles can look stunning together and they can really make you look drop-dead-gorgeous. On top of that, they have a very “Christmas-like” feeling to them because they look opulent and elegant – and this means that they will go perfectly with your own Christmas wedding too.
  • Shiny embellishments look stunning on Christmas wedding gowns, especially since this is a “double celebration” and it will “ask” for sparkle. Pick a dress embellished with Swarovski stones or with other types of stones that add glamour and grace to the design. Also, don’t forget to accessorize properly! Sometimes, the small details can make the huge differences!

We welcome you at Fantasy Bridal, the place where finding the perfect wedding gown is a beautiful experience. Our wide range of designs (Mermaid and not) include gowns for every single lady out there, regardless of her style. So get ready to be amazed and visit our store!

New Hot White/Ivory Wedding Dress

It’s not easy to find the one, that wedding dress that makes you feel spectacular. However, if you have an idea on what you are searching for, your “hunt” will be much easier. If you are not yet decided on the color your wedding dress should have, do take ivory/hot white into consideration. Chances are you’ll love it for at least one of the following reasons:



  • It is a warm color. If your skin complexion is rather warm, a warmer shade of white will always fit you better than a cold one. Ivory is an amazing choice for a warm skin complexion as it will complement it perfectly. Even more than that, a warm color will make you appear more delicate and beautiful as well.
  • It’s very romantic. Ivory white is a very romantic color, especially when combined with lace and embroidery. If you want your wedding look to be absolutely stunning, ivory white will make for a great wedding gown color.
  • It’s not fully traditional. If you don’t want to stick to tradition 100%, but if you don’t want to “ditch” it either, ivory white is the perfect balance you are seeking for. It’s not fully white, but it’s not an actual color either – and this means that it lies perfectly in between tradition and contemporaneity.
  • It works very well with vintage-inspired weddings. If you plan on having a wedding inspired by the vintage fashion and décor, ivory white is a great pick – especially if you cannot afford an actual vintage dress.

Fantasy Bridal has gathered an impressive collection of wedding gowns meant to take one’s breath away. If hot white/ivory is what you are searching for, you will definitely find something extremely beautiful with us. Even more than that, we can help you search the perfect wedding dress by silhouette, neckline, fabric and other criteria too – so that you don’t waste your time on gowns that are not what you are searching for!

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Hot Winter Wedding Color Combos – White, Silver & Ice Blue

December is just one step away and that means a whole new season for weddings is getting near. Winter weddings are special and elegant and if there’s something that always works with them, that’s the amazing “winter wonderland” theme.


In 2014, this theme seems to be more popular than ever and white, silver and ice blue are the go-to choices of many brides. Decorate your own wedding in these colors and you will create a perfect, stylish and “icy” atmosphere. Here are some tips on how to achieve the best effect:

  • White comes in many shades so if you want to add a bit of uniqueness, combine more than one shades of white.
  • Silver works especially well on bridesmaids’ dresses, but it is the kind of color that can be incorporated almost anywhere else too. The flower arrangements, the plates, the table linens and pretty much everything else can be touched by the beautiful elegance of this color.
  • Ice blue is great for the table centerpieces, but make sure to be quite balanced about it; otherwise, you risk ruining your wedding décor and that would be a true pity.
  • Ice blue lightning looks stunning and it creates a very special effect. Even if everything else is white, the color of the lightning will make a huge difference.
  • For some extra-glamour, bring in sequins and glitter. They are amazing when they come in silver and ice-blue colors and they can really create the illusion of light, opulence and luxury.

As for your wedding dress, Fantasy Bridal can help you find one that is 100% suitable for winter weddings. Allow us to make you feel like the true Queen of the night and you will remember this day for many years to come!

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5 Dresses for the Fashionista Bride to Be

As a fashionista, you always love being dressed according to the latest trends. Your wedding day obviously makes absolutely no exception from this rule. In fact, you will want to look even more beautiful on this very special day of your life!


To help you make the best decision when it comes to your wedding gown, we have gathered the top 5 dresses every single fashionista out there would love to wear on her big day. Here they are:

  • The Fit and Flare Mori Lee dress. This amazing gown can be simply described as “beauty by definition”. The stunning lace embellishments, the amazingly gracious illusion neckline and the attention to detail with which this gown has been created are meant to take one’s breath away.
  • The Maggie Sottero Sheath dress. This gown is splendid in all its glory. Featuring back gorgeously covered by lace and a trail zipper closure, this dress is sexy, feminine and delicate at the same time. The V neck makes it suitable for almost any kind of bust and the sheath silhouette will complement womanly curves.
  • The Allure Ballgown. There is something very special about ballgown silhouettes that makes them really popular among brides from all over the world. The delicate embellishments, the sweetheart neckline and the ivory/pink color will make you feel like a true royalty on your wedding day.
  • The Allure Modest Ballgown. This dress features an upper part that is stunningly embellished with intricate beading. Even more, the scooped neckline, the natural waistline and the princess-like skirt will complement many types of bodies. The dress comes in white/silver, champagne/silver and ivory/silver variations so that you can choose that which flatters your complexion the best way possible.
  • The Mori Lee Sheath Destination dress. If you are planning to have a destination wedding, you will want a dress that is fashionable and that goes well with the landscape surrounding you too. This marvelously crafted sheath-silhouette gown is precisely what you need! With a slightly vintage accent given by the halter neckline and made out of high quality chiffon, this dress makes for the perfect beach wedding!

Come visit Fantasy Bridal for more wedding gowns fashionistas love. Our beautiful collection will definitely enchant your eyes and it will surely satisfy your appetite for stunning fashion.

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What You Need to Know about Wedding Gown Sizes

Over the course of our lives, we get to buy many dresses. A gown for the prom, one for your best friend’s birthday and before you know it, your closet is full of dresses of all kinds. And yet, there’s one dress you will definitely choose more carefully than ever before: your wedding gown.


Before you jump into ordering your dress, you should make sure to learn a few things about the way in which they are sized. We have gathered some of the best tips related to this, so do read on if you want to find out more.

  • Wedding dresses come in all sizes and designs, but you should definitely keep in mind that it’s not just the size of the gown that matters. The way in which it is cut and designed can influence a lot how you will look in it too! Thus, make sure you are searching for a dress that goes well with your particular body shape.
  • Remember that your usual dress size may not be the same as the size of your wedding gown. According to where the dress is manufactured, the sizing can differ (and sometimes by a lot, actually).
  • The best way to make sure that you are setting your eyes on a dress that’s properly fitting your body is to take your measurements right before you go “hunting” for the one. Usually, dress size charts show the measurements that go with a particular size as well.
  • Even so, there may be cases when you will need to adjust your dress at least by a bit. Bear in mind that these gowns are manufactured according to so-called “standard” bodies and proportions but that we are all built differently. If you do need alterations, do not hesitate to call for the service of a professional because these days, almost everything about a gown can be changed according to your desire.

Fantasy Bridal will offer a wide range of splendid wedding dresses that come in all sizes on Earth. We are more than proud to provide our brides with amazing designs and with excellent quality as well – pay us a visit and you’ll see for yourself!

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