How to Choose Salt Lake City Wedding Vendors

As a Salt Lake wedding gown boutique we work with and hear about several wedding professionals in the area.  Many brides come into our shop overwhelmed with the choices available and not sure who to choose.


So we wanted to give some advice on how to choose wedding vendors for your Salt Lake City wedding.

  • Ask friends and family – Don’t just go with whomever shouts the loudest that they are the best.  Talk to people who have actually used them.
  • Follow your gut –  You are going to spend quite a bit of time and money with these people.  Make sure your personalities mesh well from the beginning. 
  • Be honest from the beginning – If you have a budget of so much money and the photographer you’re looking at is priced outside of that don’t put on that you can afford them.  These businesses are used to working within brides budget so make it a point of honest conversation from the very beginning.  That way you won’t have yours or their time.
  • Once you have chosen you preferred suppliers sign a contract with them that clearly details the service they are providing and when all payments are due, from the initial deposit to the final payment.
    Finally, if after your wedding the professional was…well professional send them a thank you card.  You have the opportunity to make their day. :0)

We hope these tips lead you into the hands of the perfect wedding vendors for your Salt Lake City wedding.  Of course, for your wedding dress needs come by and see us. :0)


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