New Hot White/Ivory Wedding Dress

It’s not easy to find the one, that wedding dress that makes you feel spectacular. However, if you have an idea on what you are searching for, your “hunt” will be much easier. If you are not yet decided on the color your wedding dress should have, do take ivory/hot white into consideration. Chances are you’ll love it for at least one of the following reasons:



  • It is a warm color. If your skin complexion is rather warm, a warmer shade of white will always fit you better than a cold one. Ivory is an amazing choice for a warm skin complexion as it will complement it perfectly. Even more than that, a warm color will make you appear more delicate and beautiful as well.
  • It’s very romantic. Ivory white is a very romantic color, especially when combined with lace and embroidery. If you want your wedding look to be absolutely stunning, ivory white will make for a great wedding gown color.
  • It’s not fully traditional. If you don’t want to stick to tradition 100%, but if you don’t want to “ditch” it either, ivory white is the perfect balance you are seeking for. It’s not fully white, but it’s not an actual color either – and this means that it lies perfectly in between tradition and contemporaneity.
  • It works very well with vintage-inspired weddings. If you plan on having a wedding inspired by the vintage fashion and décor, ivory white is a great pick – especially if you cannot afford an actual vintage dress.

Fantasy Bridal has gathered an impressive collection of wedding gowns meant to take one’s breath away. If hot white/ivory is what you are searching for, you will definitely find something extremely beautiful with us. Even more than that, we can help you search the perfect wedding dress by silhouette, neckline, fabric and other criteria too – so that you don’t waste your time on gowns that are not what you are searching for!

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