FAQ: How many people should I bring to my bridal appointment?

I know it’s tempting, but believe me, please believe me, only bring 2-3 guests max with you to your appointment. One of those guests should be a key person like a mom figure and perhaps one other person that may want to share in the experience. Keep in mind, the popular reality TV shows that have multitudes of guests shopping for a bride’s wedding dress are full of drama to get the ratings. Do you really want an excess of drama while picking out the dress of your dreams?

This past weekend, we had a lovely bride and she elected to go against our suggestion of the 2-3 guests. Our shop has a lot of seating, but when we have 5-6 appointments scheduled at the same time, finding seating for more than 15 people becomes a problem. This bride brought 8 people with her. Had these guests been supportive of the bride, it may not have been an issue, other than limited seating. One of the bride’s party had the audacity to tell her that she would look f*t in anything she chose: and she did not mean fit! Okay guests, if you are not coming to support the bride in her choice, please stay home! In our shop, we do not use the F word!

Honesty is the best policy, right? I have to go with my cute Grandmother H. on this one, she used to say “if you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.” There are classy ways with decorum and finesse to tell a bride that her waist looks amazing in one gown over another, or that she has beautiful collar bones showing her gorgeous skin in a gown, or that the gown is showing all of her curves in a perfect way.

Brides, remember, the more guests you bring, the more opinions you have. Do you want your gown to be a committee decision? Or would you rather have the decision based on what you want your special day with your man to look like?

Members of large groups are tempted to pull gowns for you, thinking they know just what you need. Your “helpers” may be bringing silhouettes that have been eliminated, sizes that don’t quite work, their taste in dresses over yours, or gowns out of your price range. Realize that we do know the gown selection, and although we are open to suggestions, our team of able stylists is asking the right questions to narrow down your choices.

I am all for bringing that key person that knows you well and will help you with your decision. Just be sure that this person has a way to be kind to you in the process. We love our jobs as bridal stylists and consultants, but it really becomes difficult if not impossible to be the referee or psychologist when there is tension in the group. The likelihood of us helping you to find the gown and you feeling great in it becomes slim to none.

Copyright© January 2015

– Stacy L. Van Dusen, Business Manager/Owner, Fantasy Bridal


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