When to Buy your Wedding Dress

You’re engaged! Now comes the moment you’ve waited so long for – you get to find your wedding dress! The big questions is, WHEN is the right time to buy your dream gown? Luckily, we have the answer.


Bridal experts recommend purchasing your wedding dress 7-10 months prior to your wedding day. Many brides wonder why they need to make this decision so far in advance. The reason is that it’s not just as simple as just selecting your dream dress. There are many steps involved prior to ultimately taking your wedding dress home.

First, your gown will be ordered from the designer. It can take anywhere from 3-5 months from the time the dress is ordered to it arriving in store. Occassionally certain dresses can arrive sooner, but you don’t want to count on it. 3-5 months is the standard time frame for most designers.

You might wonder why you need to order in your dress instead of purchasing the one you tried on in store. Most bridal shops won’t even consider selling their sample dress to you, because then they won’t be able to show it to any other brides until they get a replacement (which again would take 3-5 months). It is in your benefit most of the time to order a new gown anyway. You get a dress that has never been tried on, in the best size for you. You can also take advantage of different color and length options.


Second, when your dress finally arrives in store it will need to be fitted to you. Very rarely do wedding dresses fit properly from the get-go. Depending on who you select to alter your gown, this process can take 1-3 months. Fantasy Bridal does have an alterations department and loves to help our brides acheive a proper fit in their gown!

Finally, after your dress has been altered, you are able to take it home with you! So you can see, giving yourself the 7-10 months will allow you to get the dress of your dreams without having to compromise on what you want.

What should you do if you don’t have 7-10 months before your wedding? There are bridal shops who cater to brides who don’t have this time frame. Call around and find shops that will sell sample gowns off the floor. Fantasy Bridal has a selection of over 1,000 gowns in store almost all of which are an option to be purchased off the floor.


There you have it! Do yourself a favor and give yourself the time needed so that you can truly have the dress of your dreams.


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