Non-Traditional Wedding Dresses

Are you a bride who just isn’t interested in the traditional white wedding dress look? Well, then we have options for you! While white is actually very seldom chosen by brides anymore, the ivory and soft blush colors don’t necessarily scream non-traditional either. If you want that screams non-traditional and unique, then take a look at a few of our favorite options below!

Jumpsuits and Pants

Jumpsuits are incredibly trendy right now and they have made their way into the bridal world! Dance the night away in this fun lace jumpsuit, while still wowing your guests with your formal attire. Pair this with an overskirt for added flair.

Try out our separates collection with these palazzo pants and fringe lace top for a non-traditional wedding-day look. Separates allow you to mix and match tops and bottoms to find the perfect customized look for your wedding day.

Non-Traditional Colors

In the bridal world white, ivory, blush, champagnes and golds are all fairly typical colors for wedding dresses. If you want something more bold and non-traditional, try playing with different colors! Black wedding dresses aren’t just for Halloween, but can be a stunning look year round.

If black isn’t your thing, check out this boho gown with a mix of non-traditional colors. We also have dresses with purple and blue undertones. We even have designers that can make a gown in any color (green, yellow, red, you name it)!


Something as simple as a slit can be just the thing to elevate your wedding day look to non-traditional. Whether at the beach or in a ballroom, a slit in your wedding gown adds just the sexy touch necessary to separate your gown from traditional to non-traditional!


Like what you see? Book an appointment now to see these and other gown in person!


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