Who Should you Bring to your Bridal Appointment?

One of the biggest days of wedding planning is the day you pick out your wedding dress. One question we are often asked, is “who should I bring to my appointment?” Ultimately this is up to you, but we have found that some guests don’t always positively contribute to your special experience. Some things to consider when inviting guests to come to your bridal appointment:

  1. Does their opinion matter to you? Believe it or not, your guests are going to give their opinion on your dress, whether you want it or not. And when someone says they don’t like the gown you are wearing, it can ruin the dress for you. Make sure you only invite guests whose opinion really matters to you. Does your best friend’s cousin’s wife really need to tell you what to wear on your wedding day? We don’t think so.


    Gown #132195

  2. How many opinions do you want? Similar to our first word of warning, you want to be careful how many people you invite simply because it means more opinions that you will hear. It can be hard to sort through ten people’s opinions of a dress and still have a grasp on how YOU feel about it.  Also, it’s next to impossible to have a large group of people feel the same way about a dress. With many guests you are always going to have someone that doesn’t like the gown, even if it’s your favorite. We recommend no more than 3-4 guests for most appointments.
  3. Are they there to support you? You might be surprised how many guests won’t have your best interests in mind. We have seen many bridal appointment guests who just want the bride to wear what they want her to wear. Or who want to keep shopping after the bride has found her dream dress, because it is fun. Or who even want to try on dresses themselves and attempt to outshine the bride! None of these make for a wonderful dress-shopping experience. No matter who you bring to your bridal appointment, make sure they are there to support you in what you want and not have their own agenda.


    Gown #132122

  4. Will they enjoy the experience? It seems like everyone would enjoy dress-shopping, but that simply isn’t true. Don’t insist on someone coming who really isn’t going to enjoy the experience. They can shift the mood of the bridal appointment  from positive and exciting to negative and disheartening. Don’t feel obligated to invite someone close to you if they really aren’t going to enjoy the experience. Keep in mind that your appointment is an hour and a half and a lot of that time is you changing in and out of dresses in the fitting room. When considering bringing children, be thoughtful about whether or not they will enjoy sitting politely for the duration of the bridal appointment.


After considering these factors, you may have narrowed down your guest list to just a few of the most important people. Great job! But you also might be worried about other people you know who would like to be there but that you prefer not to be there. One tip we have is to include them after you have said yes to your dream dress. You could invite a few guests to your fitting appointments or even host a dress-viewing party at home once you have taken the dress home. In the end, you want this to be a magical experience and you just might have to be particular about who you invite to your bridal appointment.



Gown #132109


And if you haven’t booked your appointment yet, what are you waiting for?

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