Why Should I Get My Dress Altered?

You’ve said yes to your dream dress, now what’s next? Likely you’ll need to have your dress altered before you walk down the aisle. Many brides wonder why they should get their dress altered, the best answer is that you want the dress to fit you as perfect as possible for your special day! Many our brides will make the comment that their wedding dress is the most expensive piece of clothing they’ll wear in their lifetime, so they want it to fit them perfectly. back

What if you ordered your dress? Do you still need it altered? The answer is YES! When a dress is ordered for you, it isn’t ordered to your specific measurements, it is ordered in the size that is closest to your measurements. Because of this, it likely won’t match up perfectly. Not only will the size likely need some adjustments, but the length will as well. A standard wedding dress is made for a bride who is 5’9″ (or sometimes taller)! By planning ahead, you often can eliminate the need to alter the length by ordering a shorter length from the designer, but this option is only available to those whose time frame can accommodate full ship times (typically 3-5 months). modest

What if you feel like your dress already fits perfectly? We still recommend meeting with one of our fitting specialists to make sure they don’t see something you missed. Because they are professionally trained in this field, they may notice something about the way your dress fits that you didn’t notice. Or they may tell you it does fit perfectly! It’s best to get a second opinion either way.


How long does it take to have my dress altered? We will do our best to work with your time frame, but you do want to allow at least 2-3 months for us to have it altered in house for you. Because of the amount of brides we help, our turnaround time is a bit longer than other seamstresses. We are happy to recommend you to outside seamstresses with a faster time frame if you need it.


What is the cost to alter a wedding dress? Because each bride will need something different, it is impossible to know the exact cost you will need to pay to alter your dress. Typical alterations can cost anywhere from $150-$500. Once you have selected your dress at Fantasy Bridal, you can meet with one of our fitting specialists for an exact cost of alterations.


To find your dream dress, book an appointment at Fantasy Bridal today!


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