Wedding Party Trend: Keep Your Bridesmaids Neutral

Many of this year’s biggest wedding trends have been ways of giving your big day a classic, timeless feel. One such trend is having your bridal party in neutral tones. The result is an instantly beautiful style that won’t look dated when you look back on your wedding photos.

There are a lot of options when it comes to neutrals, too. You can go for light or dark, browns or greys, and still have the choice of dress style. You can also mix and match to create a neutral ombre effect for your bridal party.


The key to getting a perfect neutral palette is to build it around your gown. This is especially important if you’re wearing an off-white dress, as the exact shade of your choice might not work with every neutral.

If you do want to add a punch of color, you can do this through accessories. Neutral tones can be kept from looking too dated with bold, chunky accessories or bright shoes in your wedding colors.

The best way of choosing a neutral tone for your bridal party is to shop at an excellent Salt Lake City bridal shop. Give us a call or come by today to find out more about how to find the perfect dresses for you and your bridal party.


Off-the-Shoulder Gowns Are Perfect for Your Utah Wedding

We love this trend! Off-the-shoulder wedding gowns are huge for 2013, and we think they’ll stay popular for 2014, too. It’s no surprise, though, as the style is perfect for many different types of weddings and brides.


If you’re planning a vintage wedding, you can instantly call to mind the likes of Marilyn Monroe and Grace Kelly with an off-the-shoulder gown. With a full skirt and a straight off-the-shoulder strap, you’ll instantly have that great 1950s glamour style that is just right for a vintage wedding.

It can also be a great way to show off a bit of skin without feeling overexposed. The off-the-shoulder styles can give you a more supported feeling than a traditional strapless style, but still give you a great neckline that shows off your shoulders.

To find out more about off-the-shoulder styles and how they can be perfect for your Utah wedding, come by our Salt Lake City bridal salon or give us a call today! We love finding brides the perfect gown for their big day!

Modest, Marvelous, and On Trend: Sleeved Wedding Gowns

Finding a dress that combines the modesty you want with a fantastic, on-trend style might not be easy. However, one of the big bridal trends for 2013 and 2014 is sleeves, and many of these styles are perfect for your needs.


The trend really gained steam when Kate Middleton wore a sleeved Alexander McQueen style on her wedding day. Her dress is still a great inspiration for many bridal designers. Her famous dress combined an illusion neckline and lace sleeves for a timeless look.

There are many variations on her dress, including shorter sleeved versions, and off-the-shoulder adaptations. Both of these are great for brides who want the style but don’t feel comfortable in full neck-to-wrist sleeves.

You aren’t limited to lace styles, though. There are also many other designers who are using sleeves to give an elegant style with the hint of long princess perfect gloves. These, too, can be found in a variety of lengths and necklines.

To find out more about finding the perfect sleeved dress for your Utah wedding, come by our Salt Lake City bridal salon today!

The Perfect Style for Your Rustic Wedding

Rustic weddings area big trend. With a casual feel and touch of vintage charm, they are a perfect choice for many Utah couples. If you’re planning a rustic wedding, you’ll want to find the right dress for the occasion.


Of course, the main thing to think about is the formality. If you’re going for rustic glam, you can afford to be a bit more formal, but in general a rustic wedding calls for a more casual dress style. Look for something flowing, without too stiff of a structure.

You’ll also want to consider the look of the dress, and whether it will fit with your theme. Off-white shades, including ivory and champagne, are great for rustic weddings. Pure white does tend to be too stark for this theme. Another great choice is lace, which will fit perfectly in almost every rustic style.

If you’re looking for the perfect dress for your rustic wedding, come by our Salt Lake City bridal shop today! Our experts can help you find the dress of your dreams!

Stephanie and Justin’s Park City Wedding

We love helping a bride find the perfect dress for her wedding day, and we also love catching up with brides after the big day. For Stephanie’s Park City wedding, we’ve also had the joy of seeing her dress featured on the Luxe Mountain Weddings blog!


Stephanie’s gown, by Allure Couture, was a traditional style ballgown. It suited her perfectly and, as you can see in the photos, gave her a truly elegant look.

This elegant bridal style was the perfect choice for her big day. The couple’s wedding combined elegance with the rustic charm of their venue. Stephanie and Justin’s wedding goes to show how the choice of dress can be a big part of setting the overall theme.

If you’re looking for the perfect wedding gown for your Utah wedding, give us a call today to make an appointment! We can help find the ideal gown for any bride, and any style wedding!

Buying a Wedding Dress Early

There’s a growing trend among brides to be — not waiting for the ring to start planning. The biggest part of this trend is single women shopping for their wedding gowns.

According to a new survey, 11 percent of women have chosen their wedding dress despite being single. Over a third of those women have even bought the gown!


Many see this is early planning, and part of wedding planning that the groom-to-be won’t have any input in anyway. However, most women still see this as a special part of planning for the big day. They want to wait for it to be part of the official wedding planning, as it can give them a better idea of wedding style and season.

Whether you shop early or shop after your engagement, working with a great Salt Lake City bridal shop can making finding the perfect dress much easier, and much more fun. To see our amazing dress selection, get in touch today!

Finding the Perfect Elopement Dress

If you and your fiance have decided that elopement is for you, you’ll still want to find the perfect dress for the event. After all, an elopement is still you wedding day, and you’ll want to wear something special.


We really recommend you find your dress at a bridal shop in Salt Lake City before you go away, whether you are planning eloping locally or to somewhere more far-flung.

By getting a dress at home, you’ll be able to find your dream dress without the stress of being away. Where you choose for your wedding might not have any suitable bridal shops — or any at all!

The other benefit of finding a dress at a Salt Lake City bridal shop is that you can feel fully prepared before you go. When you and your fiance go off to get married, all you need to focus on is doing just that.

Whether you’re planning on sticking with something traditional or going a different way with your elopement wedding dress, we can help you find the perfect look for your big day. Give us a call or stop by today!

Finding the Right Fabric for Your Wedding Dress

If you’re shopping for a wedding dress, you might have a style in mind, but do you have a fabric in mind? Choosing the right fabric can be an important part of being comfortable and happy on your wedding day.

While you might think this means ruling out anything taffeta, think again. Different fabrics will be comfortable for different brides. If you’re set on a full skirt, you will be looking at different fabric types than if you prefer a sheath dress, too.


Another part of your dress’ fabric to pay attention to is the lining. This will be against your skin all day, so make sure you feel comfortable with it.

It can also be worth seeing how a dress’ fabric will look at the end of the night. If you hold a handful of fabric tightly in your hand for a few minutes, you’ll get a good idea of how much it will crease over the course of your wedding day.

The best way to figure out what fabric is right for you is to visit a bridal shop and have a feel. When you come to Fantasy Bridal, we’ll help you find the perfect dress whichever fabric you prefer. Get in touch or come by our shop today!

Get Keira Knightley’s Short Wedding Dress Style

When Hollywood A-lister Keira Knightley got married to musician James Righton, she went small for everything — her ceremony, her bridal party, and her skirt length. A short dress is a great choice for many brides, especially as the weather warms up.


Keira wore a strapless blush tulle dress (which she may or may not have worn previously to an awards ceremony party) for her French wedding. The full skirt gave a fabulous ballerina style, which was matched perfectly by her ballet flats.

Short dresses are perfect for destination weddings, and for less formal weddings here in Salt Lake City. If you’re planning a formal ceremony but still want the fun of a short wedding dress, consider wearing one for just the reception.

We offer a great selection of short wedding dresses, and can help you find one that is perfect for you. Give us a call to make an appointment to find your dream wedding gown!

3 Tips for Choosing the Right Wedding Dress

Choosing the right wedding dress might seem like a huge task at the start. With so many dress styles available, your might be a bit overwhelmed. Here are three tips that will make choosing the right wedding dress easier.

  1. Know your body shape. Being realistic about what styles will suit your shape can save you a lot of heartache. If you aren’t sure what dresses will look best on you, talk to one of our expert consultants.
  2. Know your budget. This can make your search much easier, and will help your bridal shop show you the dresses that are going to work for you. There are gorgeous dresses available at every price, so you won’t need to compromise on style whatever your budget!
  3. Know your hairstyle. Are you set on a hairstyle for your big day? If so, try dresses on with your hair in a similar style. Having your hair up or down will make a big change to how a dress looks on you.

Whether you’re set on a specific style or feel like you’ve been dropped in the deep end of wedding dress shopping, the expert bridal consultants at Fantasy Bridal can help you find the perfect gown for your big day. Call us or come by our Salt Lake City shop to get started!