Long-Sleeved Wedding Dresses for Salt Lake Brides

With fall upon us and winter just around the corner, long sleeve dresses are a must! Not only are long-sleeved wedding dresses beautiful, but they will keep you warm on a chilly day. For all of our Utah brides, look no further than Fantasy Bridal for the long sleeve wedding dress of your dreams!

This fitted lace long sleeve wedding dress is so versatile. Whether you are looking for a romantic, boho, traditional, or modern wedding dress, this fits the bill! Find more details on this wedding dress here.

Are you in search of a modest wedding dress with long sleeves? We have got you covered! (Literally)! This fitted lace long-sleeved wedding dress will wow your future spouse from the moment they see you. Check out more details here!

Another long-sleeved wedding dress option you have to consider is this gorgeous off-the-shoulder lace ballgown! With lace from top to bottom and the illusion neckline and long sleeves, this wedding dress could not get any more romantic. Take a look here for more details.

Not a big fan of lace? No worries! This long-sleeved crepe wedding dress is perfect for you! With minimal details and a sleek design, this long-sleeved wedding dress will wow on your wedding day. With a surprise beaded detail on the back, it has everything you could want and more. See more details here!

Last but not least, this long-sleeved wedding dress is nothing short of dreamy! With soft details of lace and tulle, this ballgown is a showstopper. Modest wedding dress brides should have this at the top of their must-try list! For more details on this long-sleeved ballgown, look here.


Do none of these long-sleeved wedding dresses suit your taste? No worries! We have hundreds of wedding dresses in store and can find the perfect one for you! Book your appointment here!

Boho Wedding Dresses

Boho is all the rage currently, and the wedding world is no exception. We’ve picked out our favorite boho-inspired wedding dresses that we currently have in store! Take a look to find the perfect boho style wedding dress for you wedding!


Gown 133140 is the perfect playful boho gown featuring ruffled off-the-shoulder sleeves and a slit in the skirt with a ruffled opening.


Modest gown 133078 shouts boho with its flutter sleeves, flowy a-line skirt and flower detailed lace. Look no further for the perfect boho modest wedding dress.


Looking to make a bold statement? Try this look for your special day! This crop top and wide leg pants combo is still perfect for you wedding day with its all over lace details. Dress it up or dress it down, this boho-style option will make your guests swoon.


This whimsical gown can definitely be styled to appear as much or as little boho as you would like! The enlarged floral details on a soft flowy skirt lend it well to your boho-inspired wedding.


Are you looking for a touch of sexy in your boho wedding dress? Look no further than gown 133076. The plunging neckline makes a sexy statement while the rest of the gown keeps you anchored in boho style. And take a peak at the cutout detail on the train!

If you are looking for the perfect boho-style wedding dress for your big day, look no further than Fantasy Bridal! We have these gorgeous gowns and many others in store now waiting for you to try them on. Book your appointment now!

New Fall 2019 Gowns in Store!

We are already receiving gowns from our Fall 2019 collection! If you want to see the newest dresses on the market, you need to schedule an appointment with Fantasy Bridal today! Come say yes to a brand new dress no one has ever worn before. See some of our favorite new arrivals below!


Gown 133078 is a boho-inspired a-line modest gown with fun lace details and gorgeous flutter sleeves.


With a plunging v-neck and soft flowing skirt, gown 133085 is versatile and can work with whatever your wedding style is!


The lace detail on gown 133081 is what sets this gown apart. This gown is perfect for any bride loving a romantic, vintage, or classic style.


Are you looking for a fun and flirty look for your big day? Look no further! Gown 133084 is just what you need!


Gown 133080 is unlike any other dress in our store! The unique lace detailing sets it apart from every other wedding dress.


This gown is perfect for a boho bride who wants a hint of sexy. Gown 133076 won’t disappoint with its gorgeous lace and soft a-line features!


Whether you are looking for a wedding dress thats traditional, boho, fun, romantic or flirty, we have just the thing for you! Schedule your appointment at Fantasy Bridal today to find your dress dress!



Why Should I Get My Dress Altered?

You’ve said yes to your dream dress, now what’s next? Likely you’ll need to have your dress altered before you walk down the aisle. Many brides wonder why they should get their dress altered, the best answer is that you want the dress to fit you as perfect as possible for your special day! Many our brides will make the comment that their wedding dress is the most expensive piece of clothing they’ll wear in their lifetime, so they want it to fit them perfectly. back

What if you ordered your dress? Do you still need it altered? The answer is YES! When a dress is ordered for you, it isn’t ordered to your specific measurements, it is ordered in the size that is closest to your measurements. Because of this, it likely won’t match up perfectly. Not only will the size likely need some adjustments, but the length will as well. A standard wedding dress is made for a bride who is 5’9″ (or sometimes taller)! By planning ahead, you often can eliminate the need to alter the length by ordering a shorter length from the designer, but this option is only available to those whose time frame can accommodate full ship times (typically 3-5 months). modest

What if you feel like your dress already fits perfectly? We still recommend meeting with one of our fitting specialists to make sure they don’t see something you missed. Because they are professionally trained in this field, they may notice something about the way your dress fits that you didn’t notice. Or they may tell you it does fit perfectly! It’s best to get a second opinion either way.


How long does it take to have my dress altered? We will do our best to work with your time frame, but you do want to allow at least 2-3 months for us to have it altered in house for you. Because of the amount of brides we help, our turnaround time is a bit longer than other seamstresses. We are happy to recommend you to outside seamstresses with a faster time frame if you need it.


What is the cost to alter a wedding dress? Because each bride will need something different, it is impossible to know the exact cost you will need to pay to alter your dress. Typical alterations can cost anywhere from $150-$500. Once you have selected your dress at Fantasy Bridal, you can meet with one of our fitting specialists for an exact cost of alterations.


To find your dream dress, book an appointment at Fantasy Bridal today!


Beautiful Bridal Ballgowns

The traditional ballgown isn’t necessarily traditional anymore. Ballgowns now can make any statement you would like them to. Boho, fairytale, modern, classic, you name it. Don’t shy away from a ballgown because it seems like it can only fit one style of wedding. Take a look at these ballgowns below for just a taste of the variety we have in store.


This flirty ballgown is perfect for the bride who wants to make a playful statement on her special day. The horsehair layers cascase down the skirt for an enchanting take on the traditional ballgown.


This modest ballgown has a modern twist with its horizontal horsehair stripes. The trickling lace appliques also give this bridal gown a romantic touch.


This strapless ballgown is all things romantic, classic and fairytale. With all-over lace details you’ll feel like Cinderella at the ball.


Another modest ballgown that screams glamorous. The bodice is encrusted with beads helping you sparkle on your wedding day!


This strapless ballgown wows with it’s handkerchief layered skirt. Whether you’re going for a modern or flirty look, this gown will definitely do the trick!


This modest ballgown with its thick hem lace lends it self to a classic bride looking for a fairytale gown as well as a romantic bride.


This off-the-shoulder ballgown with whispy tulle layers can be as versatile as you are! It complements a traditional wedding just as well as a boho wedding.


A beautiful modest ballgown perfect for any bride looking for a classic, traditional, romantic or fairytale gown.


To see these and other beautiful ballgowns in person, book an appointment at Fantasy Bridal today!

Top-Selling Fitted Dresses

If you are looking for a guaranteed “wow!” from your guests on your wedding day, consider some of our top selling dresses! These popular gowns are some of our best selling wedding dresses for good reason. With unique and beautiful details while remaining flattering for all body shapes, they are definitely going to make your guests’ jaws drop.

Gown #128156 is a form fitted modest gown with unique lace details and a long jaw-dropping train. The details on this dress are unlike any others, which makes it a perfect dress to consider for your special day.

Gown #131082 has a bold lace pattern that can work with any style wedding. Whether you are a traditional, modern, boho or classic bride, this gown will wow on your wedding day!

And take a look at at its contemporary version, equally wow for your big day – gown #130295. It is also a top selling gown in our shop!

Gown #132174 is a classic gown with an illusion neckline and soft illusion train. The lace details are complimented by the soft drape of this sheath gown. Flattering on every body type, this is a must-try wedding dress!

This gown is a newcomer this wedding season, and it is making a big statement. Gown #132165 will take your breath away with its halter neckline, keyhole back and beautiful sheet lace details.


When looking for your special dress, don’t pass up the popular ones simply because someone else is wearing it as well. There is good reason these are our top-selling wedding dresses. They just might be exactly what you are looking for! Book your appointment to try these and many others!


To Veil or Not to Veil

It seems like veils are more in question now than ever. Do you wear a veil on your wedding day, or do you opt for a headpiece? Can you do both? Or should you do neither? If you do decide on a veil, what length and color should it be? There are so many things to think about when selecting your finishing touches for your wedding day look. Although it may seem overwhelming, our consultants will be able to help you select the perfect accessories for your special day!



Photo by Katie Griff Photo


Veils come in many different shapes, colors, lengths and styles. But lucky for you, there isn’t only one perfect veil for each wedding dress. The veil you should wear on your wedding day is the one you like the most! That’s it. But here are a few veil facts that might help you find just what you are looking for.



Photo by Christie Q Photography


SHAPE. Veils can come in many different shapes. Some are oval, some circle, and some are even more of a square shape. Each will frame your face differently, so you might find you prefer one shape to the others.



Photo by Katie Griff Photo


COLOR. Veils come in a variety of colorways. You will want to find a veil that matches the color of your dress. If your dress has two tones then you have multiple options. Common veil colors are white, ivory, champagne, blush, and butterscotch, but there are even more options if none of those quite fit what you are looking for. Your consultant will have a trained eye to help you find the perfect color of veil to match your dress.



Photo by Keely Hays


LENGTH. Veils can come in about any length you can imagine, but the most typical veil lengths are elbow, fingertip, waltz, floor and cathedral. Each offer their own unique look to complement your wedding dress. A knowledgeable consultant will be able to walk you through selecting the perfect veil length to complete your wedding day look.



Photo by Eme Photo


STYLE. The style of your veil is what you and likely others will notice more than anything else. Most veils will fall into three different style categories: lace, beads or plain. These are very broad categories and there are so many veils that have lace and beads or something else altogether. But this will give you a nice place to get started when deciding exactly how you want your veil to look.



Photo by Calder Photo


Now that you know a thing or two about veils, what are you waiting for?! Schedule an appointment with one of our consultants to find the perfect veil for your wedding look.

Photo by Dan + Chelle

Photo by Dan + Chelle



Minimal Magic

The minimal wedding dress trend doesn’t seem to be going away any time soon. Minimal wedding gowns allow the bride to shine on her special day. The clean lines and fabric make a statement of their own. If you’ve been dreaming of a minimal wedding dress, look no further!


Gown 132316

This strapless a-line wedding dress is the perfect minimal wedding dress for brides wanting a traditional look.



Gown 132200

This off-the-shoulder fit and flare is the perfect minimal wedding look for brides wanting a more mature look for their special day.



Gown 132194

This gown is a modern take on the classic ballgown. With spaghetti straps, a plunging v-neck and pockets, it is a minimal wedding dress that will be sure to make a statement.



Gown 132147

If you are wanting a sexier look for your wedding day, look no further than this minimal fit and flare gown, low back, spaghetti straps and a bow that ties in the back.


Rebecca Ingram Wedding Dresses

Gown 132095

This modern gown might be minimal, but it sure makes a bold statement. With horsehair horizontal strips along the hem, the fit and flare minimal gown is sure to take your guest’s breath away!

If you are looking for a minimal wedding dress for your special day, look no further! We have these gowns and so many more in stock, waiting for you to make them your own. Book your appointment today!



Who Should you Bring to your Bridal Appointment?

One of the biggest days of wedding planning is the day you pick out your wedding dress. One question we are often asked, is “who should I bring to my appointment?” Ultimately this is up to you, but we have found that some guests don’t always positively contribute to your special experience. Some things to consider when inviting guests to come to your bridal appointment:

  1. Does their opinion matter to you? Believe it or not, your guests are going to give their opinion on your dress, whether you want it or not. And when someone says they don’t like the gown you are wearing, it can ruin the dress for you. Make sure you only invite guests whose opinion really matters to you. Does your best friend’s cousin’s wife really need to tell you what to wear on your wedding day? We don’t think so.


    Gown #132195

  2. How many opinions do you want? Similar to our first word of warning, you want to be careful how many people you invite simply because it means more opinions that you will hear. It can be hard to sort through ten people’s opinions of a dress and still have a grasp on how YOU feel about it.¬† Also, it’s next to impossible to have a large group of people feel the same way about a dress. With many guests you are always going to have someone that doesn’t like the gown, even if it’s your favorite. We recommend no more than 3-4 guests for most appointments.
  3. Are they there to support you? You might be surprised how many guests won’t have your best interests in mind. We have seen many bridal appointment guests who just want the bride to wear what they want her to wear. Or who want to keep shopping after the bride has found her dream dress, because it is fun. Or who even want to try on dresses themselves and attempt to outshine the bride! None of these make for a wonderful dress-shopping experience. No matter who you bring to your bridal appointment, make sure they are there to support you in what you want and not have their own agenda.


    Gown #132122

  4. Will they enjoy the experience? It seems like everyone would enjoy dress-shopping, but that simply isn’t true. Don’t insist on someone coming who really isn’t going to enjoy the experience. They can shift the mood of the bridal appointment¬† from positive and exciting to negative and disheartening. Don’t feel obligated to invite someone close to you if they really aren’t going to enjoy the experience. Keep in mind that your appointment is an hour and a half and a lot of that time is you changing in and out of dresses in the fitting room. When considering bringing children, be thoughtful about whether or not they will enjoy sitting politely for the duration of the bridal appointment.


After considering these factors, you may have narrowed down your guest list to just a few of the most important people. Great job! But you also might be worried about other people you know who would like to be there but that you prefer not to be there. One tip we have is to include them after you have said yes to your dream dress. You could invite a few guests to your fitting appointments or even host a dress-viewing party at home once you have taken the dress home. In the end, you want this to be a magical experience and you just might have to be particular about who you invite to your bridal appointment.



Gown #132109


And if you haven’t booked your appointment yet, what are you waiting for?

Book your appointment here!




Flutter Sleeve Wedding Dresses

Currently trending: flutter sleeve wedding dresses! We are loving this boho-inspired trend. If you are looking for a flutter sleeve gown for your wedding day, look no further! Our alterations team can add a custom flutter sleeve on your gown if the one you love doesn’t come with it. Check out these gowns below for inspiration for your flutter-sleeved wedding dress!


brooke scheurn photo

Photo by Brooke Scheurn


All chiffon a-line wedding dress with flutter sleeves. Dress #130139, found here.



Photo by Christina’s Captures


Custom chiffon a-line wedding dress with chiffon flutter sleeve and floral lace applique.


kels andrus photo

Photo by Kelsie Andrus Photography


Long sleeve mermaid lace wedding dress with custom long flutter sleeves – also known as bell sleeves. Dress #128140.


sage creaser

Photo by Connie Balluff


All chiffon a-line wedding dress with flutter sleeves. Dress #130139, found here.

mckenna toolson photo

Photo by Makenna Toolson Photo


Long sleeve, fitted lace wedding dress with custom long lace flutter sleeves or bell sleeves. Dress #131080, found here.


Like what you see? Book an appointment at Fantasy Bridal to find your dream dress!