Making the Most of Minimal

In the recent royal wedding, Meghan Markle, The Duchess of Sussex, showcased not one, but TWO, on-trend minimal wedding gowns. And wasn’t she stunning!

The mantra “less is more” certainly applies to current bridal fashion trends. Minimal gowns fill bridal runways across nations and it’s easy to see the appeal. With soft fabrics and light details, the bride is sure to shine in a minimalist gown.


Now it’s your turn to feel like royalty! Come try on these favorite minimalist styles in our shop today:


Allure style M595, Fantasy Bridal store number 130139.



Rebecca Ingram style Ada, Fantasy Bridal store number 130086.


Barcli Front

Ida Torez style Barcli, Fantasy Bridal store number 128241.



Sincerity style 4031, Fantasy Bridal store number 130045.



Sweetheart Bridal style 1133, Fantasy Bridal store number 130052.



Maggie Sottero style Odette Marie, Fantasy Bridal store number 130061.



Morilee style 6883, Fantasy Bridal store number 130166.



Maggie Sottero style Cora, Fantasy Bridal store number 129007.



Willowby by Watters style 50300, Fantasy Bridal store number 130172.


Book your appointment with Fantasy Bridal today to find the minimal dress of your dreams!


“Scenes from the Fitting Room and Beyond”

You Want to Show Me What?

(All names have been changed, even if remembered, as this scene happened about 11 years ago.)

Mothers of the bride come in all shapes and forms. One of the most memorable mother’s of the bride was a woman named Mrs. E. Mrs. E was quite the character. She had spiky gray hair, a short stocky build, and an effervescent personality. She would come in to make payments on her daughter’s dress and flip out an accordion wallet full of credit cards. Invariably, the card she chose would decline. Mrs. E would then spend the next 10-15 minutes on her cell phone paying down one credit card with another so she could make a $50 payment. Mrs. E also requested that we track each payment so she could determine what she was paying on the account as well as what her ex-husband was paying. A lot of the payments were by check or cash, and at that time our computer system and credit card payments did not interface, so there was no way for us to know how much was paid by whom. She was disappointed that we could not track this for her. On her daughter’s fitting day, Mrs. E came up to the front counter and said to Annette, “Let me show you something,” while reaching into her shirt. Annette had a flash of surprise and concern all at once! Mrs. E requested a tissue as she reached into her bra. Annette was visualizing the worst: she was frightened that Mrs. E would be flinging her breast out on the front counter. Instead, Mrs. E proceeded to bring a sugar glider out of her bra. The sugar glider was angry at having been disturbed from its nap, and promptly urinated on the counter, hence the need for the tissue. Annette then noticed that Mrs. E’s shirt was far from clean, so she asked, “What happens when he needs to go potty?” Mrs. E replied, “He just goes.” I’m sure the look on Annette’s face must have been priceless. Apparently, not only one sugar glider but two lived in the woman’s bra during daylight hours. Mrs. E then explained that the sugar gliders are nocturnal, and had free reign in her spare bedroom at home at night. She also explained that the male sugar glider had bonded to her, and also urinated when he saw her husband. Mrs. E placed the sugar glider back into her bra. Movement could be seen beneath her shirt, circling inside her bra as the creature settled in for the rest of its nap. Small bulges were now apparent beneath her armpits that hadn’t been noticed in passing. Sugar gliders were a fad that year: we had a bride that owned one that brought it to her fitting. At least she carried her sugar glider in a pouch!glider_6

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FAQ: How many people should I bring to my bridal appointment?

I know it’s tempting, but believe me, please believe me, only bring 2-3 guests max with you to your appointment. One of those guests should be a key person like a mom figure and perhaps one other person that may want to share in the experience. Keep in mind, the popular reality TV shows that have multitudes of guests shopping for a bride’s wedding dress are full of drama to get the ratings. Do you really want an excess of drama while picking out the dress of your dreams?

This past weekend, we had a lovely bride and she elected to go against our suggestion of the 2-3 guests. Our shop has a lot of seating, but when we have 5-6 appointments scheduled at the same time, finding seating for more than 15 people becomes a problem. This bride brought 8 people with her. Had these guests been supportive of the bride, it may not have been an issue, other than limited seating. One of the bride’s party had the audacity to tell her that she would look f*t in anything she chose: and she did not mean fit! Okay guests, if you are not coming to support the bride in her choice, please stay home! In our shop, we do not use the F word!

Honesty is the best policy, right? I have to go with my cute Grandmother H. on this one, she used to say “if you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.” There are classy ways with decorum and finesse to tell a bride that her waist looks amazing in one gown over another, or that she has beautiful collar bones showing her gorgeous skin in a gown, or that the gown is showing all of her curves in a perfect way.

Brides, remember, the more guests you bring, the more opinions you have. Do you want your gown to be a committee decision? Or would you rather have the decision based on what you want your special day with your man to look like?

Members of large groups are tempted to pull gowns for you, thinking they know just what you need. Your “helpers” may be bringing silhouettes that have been eliminated, sizes that don’t quite work, their taste in dresses over yours, or gowns out of your price range. Realize that we do know the gown selection, and although we are open to suggestions, our team of able stylists is asking the right questions to narrow down your choices.

I am all for bringing that key person that knows you well and will help you with your decision. Just be sure that this person has a way to be kind to you in the process. We love our jobs as bridal stylists and consultants, but it really becomes difficult if not impossible to be the referee or psychologist when there is tension in the group. The likelihood of us helping you to find the gown and you feeling great in it becomes slim to none.

Copyright© January 2015

– Stacy L. Van Dusen, Business Manager/Owner, Fantasy Bridal

Top 5 Wedding Dresses for a Winter Wonderland Wedding

Winter Wonderland weddings are magic and beautiful – and if you are planning to have one of these, you will definitely want your gown to fit perfectly into the background. Good news is that there are a lot of wedding dresses that go amazingly well with Winter Wonderland weddings. We have gathered the top 5 ones in the following list so make sure to read on.


  • A ¾-sleeved, sheath lace dress. The grace and femininity of lace combined with the beautiful line created by the sheath silhouette can really add a lot to your wedding look. Even more than that, it will be perfect for a winter wonderland wedding!
  • A fit and flare gown with a ruffled organza skirt. Winter Wonderland weddings tend to be a lot about the grace of snow and about the magnificence of winter. This gown’s dress will fit perfectly into the snowy background and it will make you appear like the marvelous Snow Queen of the night.
  • A stunning tulle and lace, ballgown for the princess in you. Ballgowns will always make ladies feel special and if you want your gown to look just as grand as Winter herself, this is precisely the kind of design you should be looking after. Paired with the femininity of lace, this gown can really make you feel gorgeous.


  • A fit and flare sweetheart-neckline dress in ivory. Lace is one of the world’s most beloved wedding gown fabrics and not without reason. Choose a fit and flare gown to make you appear taller and pick it in ivory to add just a bit of at your Winter Wonderland reception.
  • A tulle and lace quarter-length sleeved dress. Pick a quarter-length sleeved dress if you want to add a bit of that “cool weather” feeling to your dress. With tulle, lace and flower appliques and with a beautiful sweetheart neckline, this gown has the ability to bewitch – and even more so when placed in a “winter-y” background.

For the perfect Winter Wonderland wedding dress, come check out with the beautiful options Fantasy Bridal brings forward. We guarantee you’ll love the great style and quality of our fabulous designer wedding dresses!

How to choose the perfect Simple Wedding Dress

They say “Less is more” and the truth is that there is nothing more elegant than simplicity. When it comes to your wedding day, you will want to look (and to feel) feminine, elegant and beautiful and going for a simple wedding dress is one of the best ways possible to achieve this.


However, choosing the perfect simple wedding gown is much trickier than it will feel at first, especially because you will want to make sure that “simple” is not the same as “dull” in your case. To help you out, we have put together a list of tips that will lead you to that one perfect dress that suits you like a glove from all points of view.

  • Simplicity does not necessarily have to mean “no embellishments at all”. A bit of lace, some embroidery or a splash of color could add a lot to the simplest dress possible.
  • Think of your body shape and of what kind of cut will look good on you. For instance, if you are quite tall, you will want to search for a very long, floor-sweeping dress because this will accentuate your graceful figure.
  • White comes in many shades these days – even when it comes to wedding gowns. From cream white to ivory white and from snow white to blush pink, there is a huge variety of shades you can choose from. Pick one that really compliments your skin and your eyes!

For a beautiful variety of simple and elegant wedding dresses, don’t forget about Fantasy Bridal. Our collection is bound to astonish and surprise you and we are more than certain that you’ll get to love at least one of our dresses! Come visit us, take a look and find your ideal wedding gown!

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Referrals Will Get You a Gown for FREE!

We all know just how pricy weddings can get. According to what you want for your wedding and according to the number of guests you will have, this big day can cost you up to $10,000. Sure, most of the couples don’t spend nearly as much as that, but even so, a wedding can get expensive.


Thus, you will definitely enjoy every opportunity you get to make sure that you save some money. Your wedding gown is obviously important, but it can also be one of the most costly things on your list as well. At Fantasy Bridal, we want to make things easier on you and this is why we have come up with an offer you simply cannot refuse. Here are the things you should know about it:

  • If you manage to refer 8 brides to buy their dresses from us, we have a special bonus for you! You will receive no less than 100% discount on your own wedding gown!
  • The discount does not include the sales tax and the alterations you may want to make to your dress, but even so, it is a great deal to take into consideration.
  • Convince your friends that our weddings are the very best out there and you’ll win your dress for free.
  • We have a superb collection of gowns in store for you and one of them will definitely suit you like a glove – so why not take advantage of this offer and get a free wedding gown?

If you want to find out more about the beautiful dresses we have gathered in our collection or if you simply want to find out more about this offer, visit Fantasy Bridal’s shop. You’ll be amazed at the gorgeous variety of splendid dresses we have in store for you!

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Get Angelina Jolie wedding dress look

There is no trace of doubt over the fact that Angelina Jolie is one of the most beautiful women in the world of show-biz. We all love her: feminine, beautiful, sexy and always there to fight for a noble cause, Angelina is a source of inspiration for women from all over the world.

Now that she is finally tying the knot with Brad Pitt, everybody is excited about the big moment. As you would expect it, Angelina chose to be completely unique with her wedding and did everything in secret (unlike some of her show-biz “workmates”).  Rumor has it that aside from their children, there were only 20 other guests at the wedding and even more, that Pitt borrowed his tie from one of his sons.

Joe & Jesse's Wedding

Yes, her wedding dress was absolutely superb and we all loved it – and yes, as you would expect it as well, it was completely unique as well. Angeline Jolie was dressed elegantly in a very simple white dress with thin straps and with a wedding veil carefully decorated by her…children. She walked down the aisle on the sound of Brad, her children and the other guests humming “Here Comes the Bride” and she walked out of the chapel a married lady marching on the famous “Wedding March”.

How can you borrow her style? It is as simple as this:

  • Pick the simplest wedding dress you can find. Make sure it fits your body shape and that it comes in a shade of white that complements your skin.
  • If you have kids, nephews or very young siblings, allow them to play around with the wedding veil – it will look absolutely adorable!
  • Be simple and efficient with the other accessories as well: a pair of discrete earrings will be more than enough and a very simple up-do will accentuate your natural beauty.

Visit Fantasy Bridal for dresses that are simple and beautiful at the same time – accessorize them right and you will be just like drop-dead gorgeous Angelina on your big day!

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Wedding veils 101

The magic day of your wedding is slowly approaching but you have no idea how your veil should look like? Don’t worry, things are much easier than they appear at first and there is absolutely no reason for you to stress out on this.
Happy Birthay Wife!
Yes, your wedding veil is important, but choosing it should not be a chore. If you have chosen a location for your wedding and if you have also chosen your dress, this decision should come much easier. Even so, we have put together a short list of the things you may want to take into consideration when it comes to your wedding veil – hopefully, they will make this job much easier for you!
• The style of your wedding veil is usually dictated by the location of your wedding and by the dress itself. For instance, if you have a satin or silk wedding dress, it may not look great with a veil made entirely out of lace, but it can look amazing with other types of veil. Just try different styles on and settle on that which looks best with the dress.
• You should also take into consideration the length of your veil. If you are planning an outdoor wedding of any kind (beach, rustic, etc.), you should make sure that the veil will not make you feel uncomfortable.
• Furthermore, if you plan on dancing (and you will) and if you want to keep your veil on for the reception as well, you should definitely pick one that does not go longer than your foot calves.
• If you want a veil that will cover just your face, that is perfectly fine! It will be comfortable, but it will still add that air of “mystery” we all love on brides.
• Also, no wedding veil at all is perfectly fine too. If you don’t want to wear it, nobody should have the right to force you into it!
Fantasy Bridal can provide you with a wonderful range of wedding gowns and veils. Come visit us and you may fall in love with one of our superb items!
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Choose the Right Gown for your Body Shape

There is no such thing as someone who is not beautiful! We are all stunning, gorgeous and worthy of all the attention possible – and even more so on our wedding day!


Truth be told, every single bride can look absolutely gorgeous if she makes sure to make the right choices when it comes to her dress. If you are confused on how to choose a dress that will make you look simply beautiful, the best way to go around it is to take a look in the mirror and see exactly what kind of shape your body has. According to this, you can choose the perfect dress if you take into consideration the following tips:

  • Ladies who are larger on the bottom part (pear-shaped) should focus on dresses that have the bottom tailored in an A-line. This kind of skirt can make you look taller and leaner on the bottom part, making you more proportionate and beautiful.
  • If you are an apple-shaped lady with larger bust, you should focus on making sure that your dress shows just enough of your cleavage. Choose a scooped décolletage to make sure that you underline this great quality, but that you are not showing too much of it. If you want a strapless dress, make sure you don’t go for a straight-line one because that will make your chest appear too big.
  • If you are tall, you should choose a dress that emphasizes that with a higher waistline and with a floor-sweeping hem. These types of dresses look elegant and graceful and they will definitely compliment your body!
  • If your body is very thin and straight, you have to create curves with the help of your dress. This is very easy to do if you choose a dress with focus on the breasts and that hugs your hips very tightly (you can even go for the stunning mermaid-type of dress).

Come visit Fantasy Bridal and find the perfect body for your body’s shape! We have dresses to fit everyone both from the point of view of your body shape and from the point of view of the style you want!

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Is Wearing White a must?

Weddings are wonderful moments in one’s life and they deserve being celebrated. However, many times brides (and couples in general) get stuck in traditional rules that do not make much sense these days.


The white wedding dress is one of these rules. Back when purity was an absolute must for a new marriage (and when it was even “tested”), a white dress was a symbol of a girl’s innocence. However, nowadays we care less about this kind of things and we acknowledge the fact that the color of a bride’s dress should not send any other message than “she’s gorgeous”.

No, wearing white is not a “must”- or at least not unless you want to go 100% traditional. In fact, you can wear whatever you want because, after all, this is your big day and not anybody else’s and you deserve to feel beautiful, comfortable and loved no matter what. If you plan on not wearing white, here are some nice alternatives:

  • Pastel colors and cream-colored dresses can be somewhere at the border between traditional and modern, so if that is what you are aiming for, then go for it! Pastel pink and green, as well cream and “dirty white” – all these colors can look gorgeous on a wedding dress!
  • Just a splash of color on your dress can work perfectly too. For example, you can choose to have a white dress with a red ribbon or with a deep blue pair of shoes if you want to!
  • You can go fully colored too! Red dresses, blue dresses and even multi-colored dresses are more commonly encountered these days and there is nobody who can tell you that you can’t wear one too!

Fantasy Bridal has a superb collection of wedding dresses and one of them may be your “The One”. Beautiful, delicate and stunning, our dresses can make for almost any kind of wish you may have when it comes to your big day!