2014 Christmas Inspired Mermaid Wedding Dresses

Christmas is a wonderful holiday full of warmth and light. We all love it – and this may actually be one of the main reasons so many brides and grooms choose to celebrate their union around this beautiful holiday.

If you are planning a Christmas wedding, you are probably very excited. At the same time though, you are probably quite stressed out over how to choose your wedding gown. Since we love seeing our brides happy, we have picked up some ideas on how to choose a gorgeous mermaid wedding dress for your Big Day. Read on and find out more about these tips.


  • Charmeuse, satin, silk. There is something luxurious, graceful and eternally feminine about these fabrics. Even more than that, they look festive and elegant and this is suitable both for weddings and for Christmas parties. Pick your mermaid gown in this fabric and you’ll feel like a true princess!
  • Yes, mermaid dresses and ruffles can look stunning together and they can really make you look drop-dead-gorgeous. On top of that, they have a very “Christmas-like” feeling to them because they look opulent and elegant – and this means that they will go perfectly with your own Christmas wedding too.
  • Shiny embellishments look stunning on Christmas wedding gowns, especially since this is a “double celebration” and it will “ask” for sparkle. Pick a dress embellished with Swarovski stones or with other types of stones that add glamour and grace to the design. Also, don’t forget to accessorize properly! Sometimes, the small details can make the huge differences!

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