Lace Looks for Your Wedding Dress

Lace styles have become a very popular choice for Salt Lake City brides. Influenced by both the vintage theme trend and the lace overlay of Kate Middleton’s wedding gown, the delicately feminine look of lace has really taken the bridal world by storm.

Fit for a Princess


For an elegant lace look, take your inspiration directly from Kate. Long lace sleeves are an excellent choice for the bride who wants coverage without feeling overwhelmed, too.

Vintage Elegance


Soft lace styles are perfect for vintage themed weddings. Look for a wedding gown with looser lace detailing, showing off the design of the lace itself.

Modern Lace


Lace doesn’t have to be frilly, either. Many designs that feature a lace overlay still keep a sleek, modern line. This gives the dress a textured finish that adds interest without bulk.

Splash of Color


Lace can also be a way to bring in a touch of color to your wedding style. Whether you opt for a bold lace overlay or something more delicate, a colored lace over a white base is a hot design trend. The result is a wedding gown that is both timeless and on-trend.

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Modest, Marvelous, and On Trend: Sleeved Wedding Gowns

Finding a dress that combines the modesty you want with a fantastic, on-trend style might not be easy. However, one of the big bridal trends for 2013 and 2014 is sleeves, and many of these styles are perfect for your needs.


The trend really gained steam when Kate Middleton wore a sleeved Alexander McQueen style on her wedding day. Her dress is still a great inspiration for many bridal designers. Her famous dress combined an illusion neckline and lace sleeves for a timeless look.

There are many variations on her dress, including shorter sleeved versions, and off-the-shoulder adaptations. Both of these are great for brides who want the style but don’t feel comfortable in full neck-to-wrist sleeves.

You aren’t limited to lace styles, though. There are also many other designers who are using sleeves to give an elegant style with the hint of long princess perfect gloves. These, too, can be found in a variety of lengths and necklines.

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