Don’t Forget Your Bridal Accessories!

Finding the perfect wedding gown is a big part of your wedding planning. Knowing you have the dress of your dreams can make you excited about everything else. But just having your dress isn’t everything you need to walk down the aisle!


  • Undergarments: Having the right undergarments for your wedding dress will make your dress look and feel better. They can also be something extra special for the occasion.
  • Shoes: You won’t go barefoot, but probably don’t want to put on an old pair of work heels. Your wedding shoes should be beautiful, comfortable, and suited to your venue.
  • Jewelry: One of the best ways to shine on your wedding day is to add some sparkle to your style. Earrings and a necklace are the perfect additions to your gown, but many styles will also look fantastic with bracelets.
  • Headpieces: Whether you opt for a veil, tiara, or simple headband, this can help complete your bridal look. They also look fabulous!

To complete your bridal style from your toes to the top of your head, you’ll need to find a great Salt Lake City bridal salon. To find out more about what we offer and to make an appointment, give us a call today!


Is a Veil Right For You?

The bridal veil is a long-standing tradition, but many brides wonder if it’s right for them. A bridal veil can be worn traditionally, or as a fabulous bridal accessory. If you’re considering a veil, here are a few tips for how to wear it.


  • Veil styles: There are a few types of veil available, but one of the most popular choices combines a tiara or hair comb to help attach it to your hairstyle. Some include a single piece of fabric, while others offer a piece that can be worn over your face and a longer part to use as a train.
  • To cover or not? If you have chosen to wear a veil traditionally, with it covering your face, you will need to think about when to have the veil lifted. The two most popular times are to have your father lift your veil as he gives you away, or to have the groom lift it at the end of the ceremony before the kiss.
  • Taking it off: While shorter or birdcage style veils can be comfortably worn throughout the ceremony and reception, there are some styles you might want to take off part-way through the night. Make sure you get tips from your hairdresser about removing the veil without messing up your hair, and choose a time to take it off. Good times for this are after the ceremony and after the first dance.

To find out more about veils and other bridal accessories, come by our Salt Lake City bridal shop today! We can help you find the perfect gown and all the accessories you need to complete your look.