Dressing for a Summer Wedding

With summer just a few months away, it is important to know how you can prepare for the weather. Especially if you plan on having a summer wedding, it is an opportunity for you to wear breezy and warm clothes to help you keep comfortable while walking under the sun. As such, your hunt for a dress fit for a summer wedding should have already started by now.

One of the best things about a summer wedding is that you can virtually where anything you want. Compared to winter weddings, you don’t have to put on too many layers of clothing so you can keep yourself warm. You can even be as creative as you can when choosing your summer wedding dress. If you are still looking for one, here are some tips to help you:



When it comes to choosing fabric for a summer wedding dress, you have to go for one made from light fabrics. Your options include light satins, silk, and chiffon. Lace is another material you can work with, especially if you want to add a romantic touch to your wedding dress. Paired with a silky chiffon skirt, you can create an illusion of a flowy dress that will be beautiful to look at with your every step.



For a summer wedding, you can follow the current trend by wearing a short, tea-length dress. Look for one made out of a soft lace material and adorned with a satin belt on the waist. Pair it with a colorful heels and your sure to achieve a beautiful vintage look on your wedding.

If you are having an evening outdoor wedding, you can wear a fashionable wrap or bolero to keep yourself from freezing. This is a good option rather than wearing something uncomfortable like full sleeves during a summer wedding. When you’re at your reception, you can simply remove the bolero so you can show off your gorgeous shoulders!

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Get Keira Knightley’s Short Wedding Dress Style

When Hollywood A-lister Keira Knightley got married to musician James Righton, she went small for everything — her ceremony, her bridal party, and her skirt length. A short dress is a great choice for many brides, especially as the weather warms up.


Keira wore a strapless blush tulle dress (which she may or may not have worn previously to an awards ceremony party) for her French wedding. The full skirt gave a fabulous ballerina style, which was matched perfectly by her ballet flats.

Short dresses are perfect for destination weddings, and for less formal weddings here in Salt Lake City. If you’re planning a formal ceremony but still want the fun of a short wedding dress, consider wearing one for just the reception.

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