Myths on Saving Money for Your Wedding


So you just recently got engaged and you’re already getting excited to start planning your big day. But before you do, you stop and think about how much your budget is. Then you wonder if you should get married because there’s so much you will have to spend money on. You feel scared and wonder if it’s a wise decision to get married, especially with all the costs you may incur.

If this has happened to you, it’s important you stop and assess your ideas for a while. One thing you should remember about weddings is that it will help if you establish the budget at an early point of time. Together with your fiancé, you will need to plan this out so you can start looking for the details of your big day.

There are some myths about the wedding budget that you will have to affirm whether it’s something you should be worried about. Here are some of these issues:

Save on Seasonal Weddings

This is something you should be concerned about. Seasonal weddings do not necessarily mean that they will help you save money on your wedding day. If you go for this decision, you will also need to remember that your wedding suppliers may charge you a higher rate.

Opt for Cupcakes Instead of a Cake

While cakes may be costly, cupcakes won’t do you any good. This is because there are several cupcake stores that now cost a lot of money. They sell their cupcakes at an insane price that it’s even better to go with a cake.

Buy Your Dress Online

There are some brides who are wondering whether or not buying their dress online will be a costly decision for them. While there are some that have incredibly high prices, you can opt for the ones that sell at a cheaper price.

You may visit our website to check out our wedding dresses according to your budget. By considering these myths, you can check how much you will actually spend for your big day.


Get the Most Out of Your Wedding Dress Budget

When you plan your wedding, you’ll become aware of just how much you have to spend on different parts. As a savvy shopper, you’ll want to get the most for your money. Your wedding dress might seem like it’s not a flexible budget item, but you really can get more for your money.

First off, don’t get set on one dress by one designer. Go into shopping willing to look at different styles, or similar gowns that might have a significantly different price tag.


Another way to save money is to shop at a salon where you can also find your bridal accessories. If you have a set budget for all of your bridal style, you can find the combination that looks beautiful and doesn’t cost more than you can afford.

It’s also worth paying attention to special offers. We offer a 100% refund on the price of your dress if you refer eight brides who buy their gowns from us. This can be a great way to get your gown for free!

To find out more about how to get the most for your money at our Salt Lake City bridal salon, give us a call today!

Who Pays for Bridesmaids?

Your wedding budget will include many things, from the cake to your gown. Many brides wonder if it also needs to include the cost of the bridesmaids’ dresses.

In general, you shouldn’t need to pay for your bridesmaids. They will likely expect to pay for their own dresses when you ask them to be a part of your bridal party.


Having them pay for their own dresses does mean thinking about what they can afford. It can be a difficult conversation, but asking them what their budget is before you start shopping can prevent an awkward situation where one simply can’t afford the dress you’ve picked out.

It doesn’t have to be all you or all them, though. You can ask each bridesmaid to pay a set amount toward their dress, and budget for the balance yourself. If your bridesmaids have very different financial situations, you could also allow them to choose their own dresses within guidelines you set.

Whatever the case, your bridesmaids are your best friends and will be honored to be a part of your bridal party. One of the first things they can do is come with you to shop for your wedding gown. To make an appointment to find the dress of your dreams at our Salt Lake City bridal salon, give us a call today!