2014 Fall Wedding Gown Trends

Summer is nearly over here in Murray Utah and we have the great privilege of welcoming fall brides to our store.  We’ve been a wedding dress shop in Murray for quite some time now and throughout the years we’ve seen trends come and go.  But one that we’re so happy has come back again is the knee length wedding gown.


Many wedding gown designers like Caroline Herrera, Monique Lhuillier, Jenny Packham have all designed beautiful fall wedding gowns above or right at the knee.  Of course it wouldn’t be a fall gown without an embellished, cover up.  We’re seeing wedding gown cover ups like feathers and shawls hit the runway scene.

You can expect to see color as well as we head into fall.  Pinks, yellows and baby blue will see it’s way down the aisle this fall.  Of course we don’t want to forget classy lace which will never go out of style.

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Should You Wear a Reception Dress?

Will you be wearing one dress or two for your wedding day? Many brides are choosing to wear a separate dress for their reception.

Wearing a second dress for the reception can be a good idea if you are planning a formal ceremony but a more relaxed reception. It can allow you the princess style you want for photos, but mean you don’t need to worry about damaging it while you party through the night.



Of course, having a second dress is not without problems. For one, you need to find a time and place to change, and might feel you need to redo your hair and makeup to suit it. This is time you aren’t spending with your guests.

You might also want to avoid the extra costs, or want to spend as much time as possible in the perfect wedding dress you have found for your big day. Wearing two dresses will add to your dress budget, and the amount of time it will take to find your perfect dresses.

Whether you choose one dress or two, you’ll need to shop at a great Salt Lake City bridal salon. To see what we can offer you for your wedding, give us a call today!
Photo: Flickr/Michael R Perry

Grecian Styles Are a Great Bridal Trend

Grecian style gowns have been popular for years, but they’re set to be a huge trend for 2014 and 2015 brides. They are easy to wear, flattering, and come in many different varieties, meaning there’s a Grecian for every bride.


The basic element of the Grecian silhouette is a full length dress with an empire waist. Most styles feature a ruched bodice and straight skirt, but there are exceptions to the rule. The most common fabric for Grecian gowns is chiffon, as it offers an ethereal look that is perfect for the Greek goddess style.

Grecian wedding dresses were a big trend at New York Bridal Week last month. Designers love this silhouette, giving it embellishments like belts, straps, and flowing trains.

It’s also a perfect choice if you want to let your accessories shine. The simplicity of the silhouette is beautiful while allowing the other aspects of your attire to get the attention they deserve.

To see our selection of Grecian gowns and find the one that is perfect for your Salt Lake City wedding, give us a call or come by our salon today!

Dramatic Backs Are A Great Bridal Trend

You know you want to look fantastic when you walk into your wedding, but during the ceremony, most of your guests will likely be looking at the back of your gown. This is part of why dramatic backs are a growing trend for bridal gowns.


Detailed backless

An excellent way to wear a dramatic back is through a backless gown. With a plunging line, these show off some skin in a romantic and sexy way. The best way to wear this trend is with a detailed backline. Look for a skin-hugging lace or loose cowl back as a way to add interest and style.

Illusion back

If you want a dramatic back without baring all, consider an illusion back. Much like the illusion neckline, this style offers the appearance of being bare, but with the comfortable feeling of full coverage. Illusion backs also give the look of floating accents and details across the back for a very romantic style.

Racer back

Another big trend for designers is the racer back. This is a fabulous style if you want a bit of bling, too. With a line of detailed decorative elements running along your spine, you get a fantastic look that is elegant and modern.

To find out more about how to make sure you look fantastic from every angle, give us a call or come by our Salt Lake City bridal salon today!


Big Bridal Trends from Top Designers

The New York International Bridal Market finished this week, and the world’s top bridal designers were showing off some big new trends. Along with some that have been favorites for a few years — including pink hues and vintage inspiration — we got to see some great new styles that are sure to inspire you.


  • The best neckline: The big trend this year wasn’t strapless or illusion necklines. Instead, halters grabbed the spotlight. This is the perfect choice if you want bare shoulders with a more modest neckline. Halter-neck dresses show some great variety, too, including satiny high necklines as well as soft sheer fabric over a sweetheart neckline.
  • The best accessory: This is set to be the year of the veil. Designers took things to a new level in this year’s shows, combining delicate veils with crystal-covered headbands. Many of the headbands also incorporated a floral style to bring together several great styles.
  • The best cover-up: Say goodbye to the demure jacket and say hello to stunning shrugs. This year’s trend is statement cover-ups made of faux fur or feathers. Paired with a clean-lined dress, these cover-ups offer a bit of drama to a bride’s look.

Want to know more about the best of the year’s trends? Come by our Salt Lake City bridal salon to check out all the best wedding dresses and accessories.

Avril Lavigne and Chad Kroeger Wear All Black for Wedding

The celebrity wedding season this year has been marked by two very opposite trends. While some celebrity brides have opted for very traditional styles, others have gone for distinctly less traditional looks. When Avril Lavigne married Chad Kroeger earlier this week, she went with the latter.


The Canadian pop star wore a black Monique Lhuillier gown for her wedding, which was held in a medieval French castle near Cannes. The style of the dress was a traditional look, though. The strapless lace bodice was matched with a full tulle skirt.

To complete her Gothic look, Avril carried a large bouquet of black roses. She also wore a diamond headband, which gave a lovely feminine touch to her accessories.

Whether you prefer the Gothic or traditional styles that have been big among celebrity brides this year, Fantasy Bridal can help you find the perfect wedding dress for your Salt Lake City wedding. Give us a call today to find out more!