Wedding Veils 101

Veils are a beautiful and traditional addition to any bride’s wedding day attire. However, with so many styles and lengths available, it can get confusing. Here are some of the most common lengths and what dresses they are perfect with.


  1. Birdcage: This short veil is often a structured addition to a headpiece, and can cover all or part of the bride’s face. It is perfect with a retro or vintage style and shorter gowns.
  2. Shoulder: Ending just around the shoulder, this shorter length veil is a great choice if you want the nod to tradition without the fuss. This is perfect for a gown with a decorative bodice you want to show off.
  3. Elbow: A longer style, the elbow length ends further down your back, just around the level of your elbows. It is a great choice if you are wearing a strapless dress and want something that also serves as a cover-up.
  4. Fingertip: This veil length ends just below the hips, meaning it can give a sheer covering to a backless dress.
  5. Waltz: This is the shortest of the long veils. Reaching to the mid-calf, it is ideal for keeping on through the reception. It works perfectly with a detailed bodice and waist, and is a great formal style.
  6. Floor: This veil will just hit the floor, and in general will be the same length as your gown. It is a great choice if you want to add fullness to a simple silhouette.
  7. Chapel: Reaching just beyond the length of the gown, this is a very formal long veil style. It is great for formal styles that don’t have a train, as it can give the illusion of one.
  8. Cathedral: The longest veil style, this reaches far beyond the end of the dress, whether or not it has a train. It is perfect for a formal wedding where a dramatic entrance is part of the joy. It should be worn with an equally formal gown.

To find the perfect gown and veil combination, it can be worth trying on different combinations. We can help you choose the right look for your Utah wedding, so give us a call today!


Photo: Flickr/Ron Malone


Dramatic Backs Are A Great Bridal Trend

You know you want to look fantastic when you walk into your wedding, but during the ceremony, most of your guests will likely be looking at the back of your gown. This is part of why dramatic backs are a growing trend for bridal gowns.


Detailed backless

An excellent way to wear a dramatic back is through a backless gown. With a plunging line, these show off some skin in a romantic and sexy way. The best way to wear this trend is with a detailed backline. Look for a skin-hugging lace or loose cowl back as a way to add interest and style.

Illusion back

If you want a dramatic back without baring all, consider an illusion back. Much like the illusion neckline, this style offers the appearance of being bare, but with the comfortable feeling of full coverage. Illusion backs also give the look of floating accents and details across the back for a very romantic style.

Racer back

Another big trend for designers is the racer back. This is a fabulous style if you want a bit of bling, too. With a line of detailed decorative elements running along your spine, you get a fantastic look that is elegant and modern.

To find out more about how to make sure you look fantastic from every angle, give us a call or come by our Salt Lake City bridal salon today!


Celebrity Inspiration for Utah Brides

If you’re struggling to find the perfect dress for your Utah wedding, why not see what has been big for the celebrity wedding season. Although the season is still underway, there have already been plenty of gorgeous gowns to inspire you.


  • Classic beauty: The traditional look has been huge this year, with Kristen Cavallari and Lauren Parsekian both stand-out examples of the return to gorgeous white gowns.


  • Dark colors: While white has been big, there have also been a few celebrity brides who have gone in the other direction. Melissa Gilbert’s deep red gown, and Shenae Grimes’ and Avril Lavigne’s black gowns, it’s been clear that you can still look beautiful in less traditional hues.


  • Lovely lace: Another big trend for celebrity brides has been lace overlays. This gorgeous accent has been worn beautifully by Katrina Bowden, Michelle Kwan, and Kelsey Mayfield.

Which celebrity style will inspire your wedding dress? Come by our Salt Lake City bridal salon to start the search for your perfect wedding dress.

Don’t Forget Your Bridal Accessories!

Finding the perfect wedding gown is a big part of your wedding planning. Knowing you have the dress of your dreams can make you excited about everything else. But just having your dress isn’t everything you need to walk down the aisle!


  • Undergarments: Having the right undergarments for your wedding dress will make your dress look and feel better. They can also be something extra special for the occasion.
  • Shoes: You won’t go barefoot, but probably don’t want to put on an old pair of work heels. Your wedding shoes should be beautiful, comfortable, and suited to your venue.
  • Jewelry: One of the best ways to shine on your wedding day is to add some sparkle to your style. Earrings and a necklace are the perfect additions to your gown, but many styles will also look fantastic with bracelets.
  • Headpieces: Whether you opt for a veil, tiara, or simple headband, this can help complete your bridal look. They also look fabulous!

To complete your bridal style from your toes to the top of your head, you’ll need to find a great Salt Lake City bridal salon. To find out more about what we offer and to make an appointment, give us a call today!

How long should I allow to find the perfect wedding dress?

There are two answers to this question, and it depends if you mean how long in total, or how long for an appointment.

Choosing a wedding dress is a big decision with a lot of considerations; the colour, the style, what would suit your body shape and of course your budget.  It’s best to have a look at some ideas and pictures of women of your size and shape in wedding dresses that you like, so that when you go to a shop you have some more definite ideas of what you do and don’t like.  Then, it’s best to get started as soon as possible, don’t forget once you’ve chosen the dress they have to order it in for you, then you need to have any adjustments done, not to mention then choosing what shoes, underwear and accessories you want.  Your dress will determine what your bridesmaids will wear as well, so only buy theirs when you have yours; another reason to get started.

For a wedding dress shopping session it’s best to leave around an hour and a half free.  This may sound like a long time, but as I said, it’s a big decision.  It’s not to be rushed and you want to have plenty of time to try them on without rushing, get opinions, and then you can always go away and come back again with a final decisionImage

Wedding Guest? Find Out What to Wear

As a bride-to-be, you’ve probably given some thought to what you’d like your guests to wear. But if you’re also invited to a friend’s wedding, you might find yourself at a loss as to what you should wear for their big day.


The key word for wedding guest attire is always appropriate! Of course, this can mean different things to different people, but think about whether you’d be happy with a guest showing up in any outfit you try on for yourself.

In many cases, what is appropriate will be dictated by what style of attire the couple have chosen. If they’ve specified a black tie, white tie, casual, or themed attire for guests, you do need to stick to their request. Don’t show up at a black tie event in a sundress, and don’t wear an evening gown to a casual wedding.

If you need help figuring out what to wear to a wedding, our experts can help. Give us a call or come by our Salt Lake City dress shop to get more advice and help finding the perfect dress, whether you’re a guest or the bride!

The Post-Valentine’s Day Rush

With Valentine’s Day over, we’re now in the height of wedding planning season. Lots of newly engaged couples are getting started on their planning, so if you’ve just said yes, it’s time to get started.

Wedding Dress

  • Book your venue. Venues book up quickly, and to get your top choice of location for ceremony and reception, you’ll need to book as early as possible.
  • Book your entertainment. Wedding entertainers can also book up well in advance. If you know what type of entertainment you want, you’ll have a limited number of bands or DJs. Even if you’re open to any type of entertainment, some of the best performers might be booked months or years in advance.
  • Get your dress. Trying on wedding dresses early can get a big part of your preparation out of the way, and it can also be a really exciting part of wedding planning. It’s sure to make you feel like a bride-to-be, which can help get you in the right mindset for any challenges that might come up.

If you’re ready to look for your perfect wedding gown, get in touch today!

Illusion Necklines Are A Great Lace Look

Lace has been a big bridal trend for a while now, and illusion necklines are a great way to bring lace into your bridal look. These great styles generally combine a strapless style’s neckline with extra coverage from the lace.

The end result is a type of dress that is a gorgeous and feminine style that many brides find very comfortable. Some illusion neckline designs also offer a compromise between the modesty of a high-neck and the bodice details of a strapless style.

Illusion necklines can also add the look of jewelry. Many designs incorporate crystals into the lace, giving the illusion of a necklace. Whether you want an elaborate necklace style or something simple, there is a design for you.

Many brides love the illusion neckline because it allows them to wear their standard undergarments while keeping a light, airy style of dress.

Whatever your reason for wanting the extra coverage, or if you just love the look of an illusion neckline’s beautiful detailing, we have a dress that’s right for you. Get in touch or stop by our store today!