Hot Winter Wedding Color Combos – White, Silver & Ice Blue

December is just one step away and that means a whole new season for weddings is getting near. Winter weddings are special and elegant and if there’s something that always works with them, that’s the amazing “winter wonderland” theme.


In 2014, this theme seems to be more popular than ever and white, silver and ice blue are the go-to choices of many brides. Decorate your own wedding in these colors and you will create a perfect, stylish and “icy” atmosphere. Here are some tips on how to achieve the best effect:

  • White comes in many shades so if you want to add a bit of uniqueness, combine more than one shades of white.
  • Silver works especially well on bridesmaids’ dresses, but it is the kind of color that can be incorporated almost anywhere else too. The flower arrangements, the plates, the table linens and pretty much everything else can be touched by the beautiful elegance of this color.
  • Ice blue is great for the table centerpieces, but make sure to be quite balanced about it; otherwise, you risk ruining your wedding décor and that would be a true pity.
  • Ice blue lightning looks stunning and it creates a very special effect. Even if everything else is white, the color of the lightning will make a huge difference.
  • For some extra-glamour, bring in sequins and glitter. They are amazing when they come in silver and ice-blue colors and they can really create the illusion of light, opulence and luxury.

As for your wedding dress, Fantasy Bridal can help you find one that is 100% suitable for winter weddings. Allow us to make you feel like the true Queen of the night and you will remember this day for many years to come!

Photo source: dye